First day of Training Complete

trainingFollowing on from my recent post on my journey to complete the 3 Peak Challenge in June. Today was the first day of training with the weather being beautiful myself and Derek set of with our bottles of water on a walk of 18.08km. It wasn’t easy today but it was the first day of training so that was to be expected.

My legs and feet aching, my lower back was in discomfort. Pushing past this after completing the first day of training felt good.

This evening I’ve spent the time soaking in a warm bath and relaxing. I definitely needed this time to rest. This week I will continue to train with rest days in between. My training will be a mix of long walks, going to the gym and swimming. Increasing the length of my work outs gradually will allow me to improve my hiking endurance. Tomorrow I will be going too the gym with a shorter walk then today. Wednesday will be adventuring out on a new location for a long walk. I will keep you all update throughout my training with blog posts, pictures and videos.

To show your support you can follow me and help me raise money and awareness for the amazing team at The Survivors Trust. Earlier this year I meant with some of the survivors trust family doing a work shop in Understanding how rape and childhood sexual abuse affects survivors and how to respond to a disclosure. They are really nice and caring people who share the same passion as I do in having a positive impact on helping others. I am going to call it a night and will keep you all update later on in the week.

#nevergiveup #bosslady



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