`me and Kristine  (Myself and my sister)

There are different types of relationships we all form throughout life. We all have a part to play in each of these and they can change over time. The basic types of relationship are family, friendship, romantic and professional. All relationships are important and they lead us to a healthy happy successful life. In all relationships there will come a time where we face barriers, people work through the hard times or they move on. If someone would have given us a manual, relationships would be much easier however we learn about relationships through trial and error. If you would like to know more about relationships there are different articles out there now that can help you. Plus, there are counselors that can support people.

Firstly, I’m going to talk about family. The definition of family that everyone understands is a group of individuals who are related to each other by blood. Over the years however I have learnt that family isn’t always related to you, you can become a family through marriage, adoption or even close friends that become part of your family unit. So, families can be all shapes and sizes and can get bigger or smaller over the years. It is important that we carry on building good relationships with our families as it allows us to move forward and live a happy life.

Sometimes in life situations may happen and this causes barriers between family members. For many reasons families will come across difficulties within their relationships. We may disagree or argue with a loved one. You can even get family members not talking for a long time because they don’t like something they did. Life experiences change us, our values may change and also as we age we may see things differently. What you have got to remember is life is to short, nobody lasts forever. So, ask yourself this question if you have a family member you don’t speak to is it for a good reason, could you mend the relationship? We cannot choose our families, we are born into this world with the family we are given. Like I said at the beginning we can either work through issues we have or move on. If we move on with a family member make sure you will not regret it as time goes on.

I stopped talking to my mum for 6 years because I was hurt and heart broken and I didn’t feel loved. I felt angry inside. So, I thought the best way to deal with it was to not talk to my mum at all. I could never understand the decisions she made in life and why she made them. That would go over and over in my mind all the time, I couldn’t change what happened. I made a decision to start talking to her and forgive because life is too short and I didn’t want to live a life where I was becoming bitter and lost.

Your soul deserves peace so whoever hurts you and brings you down decide to forgive them not because they apologized or because they acknowledged the pain that they caused you but because you need to take back your life and change your story. You can be happy and there is light at the end. You have to believe you can do it.

Now let’s talk about friendships. Throughout life friends can come and go or you can have friendships that last a long time. Friendships is a relationship between people that have a mutual bond. Some people have more friends than others and that is okay. We go through life making new friends. As we move through our life some may be life long friends and others will fade out as we move forward in life. Even at a very young age we make friends and by the time we go from nursery to primary to high school we change or make new friends.

During an individual’s career we have professional relationships this is where first impressions count most, ensuring you provide a good friendly service no matter what job you do can lead to repeat business or recommendations, these relationships are often intermittent or not long lasting but we are brought together in that moment because of a shared interest.

Romantic relationships can be the most difficult, yet the easiest of all relationships, often starting with a simple physical attraction or shared interests, we allow ourselves to be at our most vulnerable in these relationships, trusting the other with our greatest dreams and biggest fears, who you choose to spend your life with is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make.

All of these relationships can interlink with each other. We can class family as friends, professional relationships can turn into friendships or even lead into a romantic relationship. Friendships can become family over time. Romantic relationships can turn into friendships. Friendships can lead to a sexual relationship. The list can go on.

#Never-Give-Up on relationships worth saving. x




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