Daily Reminders

20180412_165004 1  Each day we may need a little motivation to continue to stay on track with living a healthy lifestyle and to stay focused on achieving our goals. It is important to remember why you want to reach them. Every one has emotions and sometimes they can send us off track, and that is okay so don’t be hard on yourself when you have a off day. The important thing is that you soon get back on track and continue to grow in life. 

Here is a list of reminders for you all. So why not get creative and write or print them off. You could even stick them on your vision boards to see them daily. 

  • Smile– This is my favourite. Smile and watch others smile back.
  • Be proud of yourself, think about how far you have come and what you have achieved already.
  • Be kind to yourself and other people 
  • Exercise- I exercise all the time and it makes me feel good. So why not give it a try. 
  • Outside- Connect with nature. I love going for a nice long walk.
  • You have control of your happiness 
  • Think positive 
  • Drink plenty of water 
  • Eat good nutritious food 



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