Petition: All jurors in rape trials to complete training about rape myths.

‘A young girl was recently a survivor to a case of serious sexual assault. She was brave enough to tell the police who arrested and charged an individual for Kidnap and Attempted Rape. Later, another girl came forward stating the same individual had assaulted her and another charge of Rape was added. Unfortunately, in spite of overwhelming evidence against the individual, the jury found him not guilty for all three charges. It is the two girls, their families and friends belief that this was because the jury were not sufficiently educated on the technical law of Rape and that they were not told to dispel any commonly held rape myths they may have believed’
This petition was sent to The Survivors Trust and has their full support.

Research shows that jurors accept commonly held rape myths resulting in many incorrect not guilty verdicts. Rapists are walking free from court, although evidence is robust. This ruins lives. Rape conviction in the UK is very low. Compared to other crimes conviction is 21% lower.

Research by Rape Crisis & Alison Saunders, Director of Public Prosecutions, finds that jurors often accept rape myths & thus acquit rapists who are in fact guilty. 66% of jurors do not understand judges’ legal directions which attempt to dispel rape myths, but fail. Jurors need proper rape myth training prior to & throughout trials.

I have signed this petition as I strongly agree that all juror to complete training about rape myths. Those young girls were very brave. They are not alone. There is love and support out there for survivors. If we stand together, we can help to create a wider environment in which survivors feel safe and confident to seek the support and justice they need, want and deserve.

Please help by signing this petition x you can do so by the link below or visiting the survivors trust on Facebook or Twitter.


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