Morning Routine

I often hear people say they are not a morning person, even get up as late as possible, skip breakfast, rush to work. Having this type of routine will take its toll on your physical and mental well being. We all want to be happy in life and creating a good morning routine is essential for lifetime success. Your starting the day right with a good morning routine is important as it sets the tone for the whole day. Everyone’s morning routine might be different however its starting it in a positive way that matters.

One of the goals I have set myself is to start the day off right, and let me tell you its working. I use to be someone that didn’t like mornings and getting out of bed. However now I have found a good morning routine I am happy in the mornings and it really does help to start the day of in a positive way. This will continue throughout the day. In the picture below is me on my day off from work. I love a good morning workout. It makes me feel good and who doesn’t want to feel refreshed and amazing to set your day off right.


My morning routine on this particular day started like this. On hearing my alarm I got out of bed. Turned my children’s lamp on and put some music on we all liked. “boys time to get up” I’m singing and dancing. Handing them there folded school uniforms. My eldest son jumps out of bed and starts smiling and dancing with me. My youngest who likes his bed and reminds me of a teenage boy, who never wants to get up, opens his eyes, starts smiling and has a dance while getting dressed. Once we are all ready after having a good breakfast I take them to school.

Now its my time and off to the gym I go. I love a good hard morning workout. Focused and feeling positive. When we exercise our body releases chemicals called endorphins. these endorphins interact with the receptors in your brain that reduce your perception of pain like a natural analgesia. Endorphins also trigger a positive feeling in the body similar to that of morphine giving you that feel good factor you need to start your day.

So having told you my morning routine, what is yours? Does it leave you feeling positive? If the answer is no, you can always change it. Tomorrow is a new day.




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