Happy New Year 1/1/2018

20180101_182810     Happy New Year everyone! Its a brand new year. Make it your year to shine, move forward.                                                           Have you ever thought to yourself, I can do better, I wish I had or you tell yourself you cant. Well STOP a minute, for starters you can change that. I always remember being told when I was younger,” there’s no such word as can’t” which I always said there is and I can’t do it. I was wrong. I have achieved things that I never thought was possible, I am proud of the person I am. I have achieved being the best mother I can be to my children. I have become a knowledgeable health care assistant. Grabbing the opportunity to become a trainer with the company I work for, achieving greater confidence in myself trying new things and meeting new people.

2018 for me will be starting new adventures and spreading my wings as I know I can achieve my dreams in life.

I have realised over time that I can do it I just have to believe I can. So anyone that’s reading this yes you can do it you can achieve anything in life if you believe. Do not be so hard on yourself if you don’t do it the first time try again till you do.

That fire in your belly that drives you, use it with all you have. Carry out the things you love in life whether it be the career in which you choose or the relationships you develop. Life is too short, what if there isn’t a tomorrow, each day is a gift.  In this new year lets step out of our comfort zone and forget a new years resolution that last only for a few weeks or months. Lets make a new life resolution to be the person you want to be. Go and chase what you want, however I am not saying its going to be easy. You have to put the hard work in and believe you can. So make those vision boards. Set those goals and commitments that will take you on the road to success. Wishing you all a happy new year.  #Never-give-up

P.S watch out for my next blog on Vision Boards xxx

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