Healthy Life Style


8 Week  Summer Body Challenge

Myself and these lovely ladies are doing a 8 week challenge. We have completed are first week of healthy eating and lots of exercise. Once again I am proud of myself for doing this as it encourages me to meet new people and become healthier and fitter. I’ve found it hard this week so far as I enjoy my cakes and chocolate however with a positive mind set you can achieve any thing you like in life. A big thank you to my friend Vicky Bolam for helping me prepare my meals. I will keep you all updated on are progress and show you before and after photos of myself at the end.

There are lots of benefits in becoming healthy and making a change in your life. Exercise is really important to me as it helps me with my anxiety and makes me feel good. Always do what makes you happy. Some benefits are

  • Feel good about yourself
  • More energy
  • Happier
  • Live Longer
  • Increase confidence
  • Meeting new people


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