Recognize your worth and value yourself

It is important to love yourself. The things that can give you strength and motivation are to think about all the things that make you great, if this is difficult get support of a friend or someone close to you that can help you believe in yourself. Challenge fears and negative self talk and doubts. Our thoughts in our heads have a big part to play in feeling depressed or afraid. Change your thought process, surround yourself with positive quotes, books, people who love you.

 Definition of self worth is the sense of one’s own value or worth as a person, self esteem and self respect.  Building self worth can lead you to a brighter future. A good place to start is to stop comparing yourself to others. This will enable you to move forward as you are you and you can achieve anything in your life, it does not matter what other people say. Be happy and change for the better if you want to be a teacher, doctor, cleaning etc go out there and just do it.



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